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Choosing Quality Lashes


No matter what eyelashes you wear, there are some main things that every lash should have in order for them to be a good pair of lashes. Here is a list of things that make a good lash! These are things you can use to gage any type or lash or lash brand, here are things to look for!

  1. Lash Band- How flexible is the lash band, how thick is the lash band? The ideal lash band is flexible and fairly thin. It needs to be flexible to be able to mould to your lash line and to be able to hold the curve of the band.

That will help retain the shape so the more you use them the better they fit you. A thin band is ideal because you always want a band that is thin enough to look like the lashes are growing from your natural lash line. This well help make it look more natural and not so obvious that you are wearing falsies, and it also helps with cleaning and maintain the lashes for future uses. Thin bands are much easier to clean off adhesive after every wear!

  1. Is the Lash Band full? The sure sign that you are not getting a good lash is that the hairs on the lash band is not full. Whether it is a natural, dramatic or an in between lash. You should not be able to see through the lashes at the lash band. That is where most of the hairs gather (at the band) and then based on the style, the pattern of the hairs will vary. SO make sure you have no gaps in the band!
  2. Fibres! Silk, Synthetic, Mink, Human hair all the strands on these lashes are different and unique. Depending on which you choose some with be thicker and others will be thinner. Some will wear better than others, and some last longer then others. Each fibre preforms differently.
  3. Curve of the lashes, normally lashes that are cheaper quality have less of a natural curve to them. You can attempt to curl them but they don’t hold a curl long.
  4. Texture of Lashes- good quality lashes are soft to touch and to have on your eyes.
  5. Weight- good quality lashes should be light weight and not weight your eyes down or cause your eyes to get tired trying to support the weight, you should not even feel like your wearing them!


If quality is what your after, then these tips will be helpful when making your next purchase!


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