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All Lashes Aren't Made for Wearing!

All Lashes Aren't Made the Same!


Do You Know What Makes a Good Lash?


If you’ve ever been curious to know keep on reading!


As a Business Women with a Makeup Artist Background, when I was being taught lash application, I knew right off the bat, that not every lash was the same.

I learned very quickly that lashes have different purposes so they have to be made differently. Once you have figured out what the intended need is, it’s fairly easy to decide which to use or purchase. So when I finally decided to start my own lash brand, I knew I would incorporate these things into making my lash brand unique because I have knowledge that helps me to create a product with a certain use in mind.


There are three tips that I would say to be mindful of when your purchasing lashes.


  1. Quality- Quality is very important to most people. Everyone wants a quality product no matter what they are willing to pay for it. No one wants to buy junk. When it comes to lashes, most times you get what you pay for. If you pay $5.99 for lashes chances are they will not last you 10 wears. If that’s the life you need for your lashes, then that’s your lane, and you should stay in it. If your good at taking care of your lashes then having a pair that can last 25x or more is a great investment, then invest in it!
  2. Lash construction- is also another factor that I would consider. Making sure the lash band is a great quality which leaves less room for shedding so your lash fibres will be in tack longer. If your lash band is too thin or flimsy, your lashes will not last long no matter how much you pay for them. Your lashes and band need to be relative to each other. A thick pair of lashes shouldn’t be on a thin band and vis versa.
  3. Price-How much you pay for a lash is a bit tricky because there is a lot of competition. It’s hard to tell who’s selling what and if it’s really worth the price. The easiest way for me to explain price is, just like buying virgin hair extensions. There are grades that dictate the prices. The same goes for lashes as well. We may all sell 100% mink lashes, but someone sells A grade and someone else is selling B or even C grade lashes. The higher the grade, the higher the quality of the lash fibres, the lash band and flexibility. Which all helps make a good lash or a garbage lash.


I hope these tips where helpful and that you keep in mind when purchasing lashes. We are all for a good lash, but most of the time we don’t know what ‘good’ implies. I hope this was helpful in shedding some light on what makes a great lash great!


Thank you


CEO of Lady Lashes


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