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Having a cluttered makeup space always makes it difficult to find what you need.

How many times have you looked for products while doing your makeup? Products that you thought were handy? How many times do you gone to apply your lashes and can’t find the pair you had in mind or better yet, you can’t find one lash? Yup! I’ve been there too.

Having an organized work space is necessary for lash application. I’m going to share some tips that help me stay organized.


  1. Organize your lashes so that you can see your entire collection. This will help eliminate buying doubles of styles you don’t need. And it will help you to see what you actually already have.
  2. Give your lashes a home! How many lashes have been lost by not putting them where they belong? We have all done it at some point. Give your lashes a home so you don’t continue spending money repurchasing the same pair over and over again.
  3. BONUS Tip: Organizing my lashes by style has also helped me save coins. I see the styles I use a lot vs the styles that are occasional wears. For example, if you always wear cat eye shaped lashes, but you have more wispy lashes in your collection. Your money isn’t being well spent by buying the wispy lashes. Now you can stick to purchasing the ones you actually wear, the cat eye style. Or what I would recommend is trying cat eye wispy, that may give you the best of both worlds! Spend money on lashes you will actually wear!


I hope sharing my tips to stay organized and save money, you learned something on how you can better organize your lashes so you can save coins. 


Having over 150 pairs of lashes, I needed to find a better way to organize my collection because it was out of control.  SO much so I never knew what lashes I actually had, to know which lashes I wanted to wear. It was crazy!


So I created a tool that would help me organize my collection. The Lash Stash has been amazing to help me get my lash collection in check and I knew creating it, my clients and customers would love it too. I could not be the only one who was looking for a solution to organizing.


If your anything like me, having an organized makeup collection is amazing but being able to put it on display? Now that is EVERYTHING! Organized and Pretty to look at?! Thats a win win!


To Order a Lash Stash click here, Order Here 


Need an Alternative? A good alternative to the Lash Stash, is a beauty tray and you can organize your lashes by category on it.


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