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It’s that time of the year when we have prom, and graduation looks we are envisioning ourselves in. Almost always we think of our makeup looks first, why? Because we want to be different, unique, but most of all we want to turn heads on our final exit from our various educational institutions. Right? With that being said we have complied a list of lash styles and makeup looks that would pair well together AND that can be worn for both graduation and prom to save that coin!


First look

  • Our top pick would be our ‘BELLE’ lashes. We choose this lash style because, all eye shapes can wear it, and it can be a natural eye look regardless of the eye makeup because it’s a light-medium density lash, depending on the eye shape/type wearing it, and also because it is flattering and stands out! And that’s what we want something to be remembered by!
  • Note; If you feel like ‘BELLE’ is a bit much for you then try ‘QUEEN’ she’s a bit shorter in length and she’s tapered at the ends better suited for a smaller eye shape and also for a bit less flare but she still stands out! Recommended eye makeup; soft glam, natural smoky eye but she can defiantly be amped up with a full smoky eye and beautiful with a glitter eye look!


Second look

  • Our next pick, would be the ‘MADAM’ lash. She is a beauty! Everyone loves her, she’s just a gem, she is a unique lash style and she defiantly looks unique on the eyes as well. She is longer in the middle and tapered on the sides to draw attention to your eyes and make them appear rounder! These are great for ladies with smaller eye shapes that love length without it drowning out their small eyes.
  • Recommended eye makeup; soft glam, natural smoky eye, and dark smoky eye.


Third look

  • The last pick would be our beloved ‘PRINCESS’ lash. She is light, she has length, she is a bit flirty but doesn’t take away from any eye look. She is the perfect lash for a newbie to false eye lashes. She would make a great everyday lash for someone who is a used to wearing eyelashes. We chose this style because she is simple but glamourous, you can really play up on any eye look with these and not take away from it. The eye look will still standout and the lashes with accentuate it.

For those that want a very natural, almost a ‘no eye lash’ look, we recommend ‘DAME’ she is the most natural of all our lashes and she is basically a kick up from just wearing mascara. She almost always goes undetected. Recommended eye makeup; any eye makeup look would go great with both styles.


We hope you found this guide helpful in choosing lashes that you can wear for prom and graduation for your various comfort levels. Have an awesome prom night and congrats on your graduation!


‘When you’ve got Lady Lashes, Flaunt it!’

We got you covered!

--Lady Lashes


--Lash Style Pictured is 'PRINCESS'

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