Is Lady Lashes a cruelty free brand?
  • Yes we are! We do not harm animals in the process of making our lashes. We use mink fur that has already been naturally shed, and sterilized before using them to make our lashes. Our lashes are handmade and handcrafted.

What are 3D mink lashes?
  • 3D mink lashes are mink lashes that have been treated to look more natural then mink lashes. They are softer to touch and wear, more natural looking and have more layers to them then mink lashes. This is also the reason they take longer to make, as they have more layers it takes 3x longer to make then it does a mink lash.

How do I make sure they fit my eye? How do I trim them?
  • In order to insure that they fit every eye length, they first need to be measured to your eye before deciding on whether they need to be trimmed or not. If they do not fit comfortably on your eye, because of length, when you try them on, then you should remove them and trim them from the outside of the lash. This will ensure that the inner corner of the lash stays soft and tapered to the inside of your eye, and also that you don’t loose the shape of the eyelash.

How do I take care of my Lady Lashes?
  • Lady Lashes can be worn up to 25x’s but with proper care. Be gentle with them as they are handmade. It is best to clean up the excess glue on the lash band every time you take them off, so they are ready to be used straight away for the next use.

What lash glue to you recommend?

  • We recommend our Stuck On You Lash Adhesive. It's available in Black and Clear

Does Lady Lashes offer private label or wholesale?

  • Yes we do! Please send an email inquiry to for more info!

My order came damaged, what should I do?

  • We want to resolve this for you ASAP, please have images of how your order come to you and the damage on the product, along with your order number and send an email with details to our Customer Service email,

It says my order was delivered, but I don't see it?

  • Check with the courier that the package was sent with, USPS or Canada Post, they had the last hands on your package and will be about to provide you with more details. If it is not resolved with them, then contact us at