But only if you wear Lady Lashes.


Handmade, handcrafted and naturally shed, we make sure that our high-end mink eyelashes are cruelty-free and pass the highest quality standards. Each set can be used up to 25x with proper care and comes with our Stuck On You Lash Adhesive for better adhesion and longer wear. Our lashes are lightweight and come with a flexible lash band that allows for easy application and makes it easier to use all day.

It sucks having to deal with bad quality eyelashes or pay for expensive ones that don’t measure up. Stop wasting time and make the move to have your own real mink lashes.

Here’s why you need to have some Lady Lashes on:

  • LONGER WEAR - Our custom designed mink lashes are made from real mink hair and handcrafted to serve you longer.

  • FLEXIBILITY - They are definitely stronger than synthetic ones and flexible enough to be worn to just about any event.

  • EASE OF USE - They are easy to put on that you can enjoy having them all day without worrying about having tired eyes and heavy lids.

  • CUSTOM FIT - Our team worked really hard to make sure that the length of the lashes fit various eye shapes including yours!

  • NATURAL LOOKING - From the moment you put them on, you will feel that it is soft and weightless - and totally addictive too! Once you have these lady lashes, you’ll never switch to other eyelash brands ever again!

  • AFFORDABLE - Wearing good quality real mink lashes doesn’t have to cut so much into your budget. We have made our pricing very reasonable so much so that our lashes are one of the most affordable ones in the market today.

Only our Lady Lashes can give you this guarantee

Birthday Box

Let’s make sure your lashes are prepped on your birthday! Receive a BIRTHDAY BOX surprise when you purchase $100 from our store. Get free eyelashes+free lash glue on your birthday so you can party the night away!

Best Seller Bundle Box

We recommend getting our BEST SELLER BUNDLE BOX which contains a lash trio of our most popular styles plus free lash glue: BELLE, QUEEN AND BELLADONNA!

This discounted value set can let you try 3 premium mink lashes for only $60 and savings of up to $30!

Mystery Box

If you are in the mood for some eyelash adventure, we recommend getting Our MYSTERY BOX which contains 2 types of lashes that you can try for just $30 (comes with free lash glue too!).

About Us

Lady Lashes is a luxury lash boutique that specializes in unique fibers of lashes. Lady Lashes aims to help everyday working women look more fabulous and amazing by offering specialty lashes that are affordable but of the highest quality. Our lady lashes have been custom designed to fit all types of eye shapes, sizes and are built to last and can be worn up to 25x.