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Summer is all about being out and about and being social! We naturally do the most in the summer months because that is more likely the time we have a lot of events to attend.


I am here to share my summer lashes, that are easy to wear, apply and they pass the sunglasses test! No more choosing lashes that are pressed up against your lashes lol.

My no brainer guide to styles that you can comfortably wear all summer with no issue AND can be worn with any eye look! Ready? Keeping reading


The first style that I will choose is, one of my all-time favorites for the summer ‘Belle’ lashes. They are long, wispy and lightweight, you will forget you have them on. I choose this style when I am wearing a spotlight eye look, a one shadow eye look, or a no makeup look but want a little umph.


The second style that I will choose is ‘Belladonna’. She is your middle of the road lash! She has some volume, some fluff and she’s also wispy, but not too long. For those that worry about having a lash that you can rock comfortably without worrying about shades, try these!


And the third and final style is ‘Princess’ she’s the one I choose if I am really going for that no makeup look and I do not even want to wear eyeshadow! (Which I always do just to clean up and freshen up the eye, the best shade to choose is your skintone shade, so it looks effortless but finished!)


And to throw in some honouree mentions, ‘Dame’, ‘Dreamer’ ‘Madam’ because they are sizable length wise, are easy to style, and will not interfere with wearing shades as they are not long lashes, they are more on the natural length side.

If your more about the drama then you will want to check out our Exotic Escapes Box, for 3 all new styles that offer a sexy vacation vibe, Drops June 14th!

Try to use Latex free adhesive, as it helps the lashes stay in place longer because its waterproof! Issa win win! All of lashes come with a sample!


What are some styles you cannot go a summer without!


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