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False eyelashes are a sure fire way to change the look of you face, which can either be dramatic or subtle. You can choose to wear make-up or not, your eyes alone could be the only statement you need. As simple as they may be there are a few things that can go wrong when choosing or applying fake or false eyelashes that you defiantly want to avoid. Here are the 4 most common DONT’s of wearing false eyelashes.

1. DONT choose the wrong LASH STYLE!
This is something that will vary depending on taste and personal style or occasion however some women who are
everyday wearers often choose lashes that are too large and thick and inappropriate for all occasions. Yes you are wearing fake eyelashes bust they don’t have to look fake and obvious. Try to chose a lash that mimics a natural look and that easily blends with your natural lashes. For daily wear pick a lash style that complements your face and your natural lash and save the wilder more costume lashes for special occasion that may be more appropriate to wear them.

2. Choosing the wrong EYELASH GLUE!
This is by far my personal pet peeve. Many of you girls and you know who you are APPLY EYELASHES WITH HAIR BONDING GLUE!!! This is one of the worst things you can to to your eyes! These are you eyes we are talking about and hair glue which have fumes and chemical that are harmful to your eyes should not be applied. Also this glue will eventually tare out all of your natural eyelashes. Instead use a safe reliable glue like our Stuck On You Eyelash Adhesive to achieve your lash look its fast drying strong and waterproof.

3. Using too much mascara.
I typically do not recommend using mascara on false eyelashes however I know many women use mascara to blend their natural eyelashes with the false ones. this is fine to do but too much mascara just defeats the purpose of the falsies. False eyelashes usually come fairly full and dark so go lightly with the mascara this is one of those times when a little goes a long way.

4. Using lashes that are the wrong size.
If your lashes are too long they will likely fall off during the day or never adhere properly in the 1st place. You want to make to use your natural lashes as a guide and your false eyelashes should be slightly shorter than you natural lashes just by a few hairs or so. This way you will not have any overlapping with your falsies which provides a weak spot for you lashes to peal away.



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