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This summer, 2022, expect to see much simpler looks! We’ve been seeing this push for clean makeup, not so full coverage foundation, simpler eye looks, skin foundation.


It’s all about complexion, glow and minimal lashes! I’m sure you are probably shocked at minimal lashes, but truth be told, big bold lashes are not mainstream beauty looks.  Your fav celebrities, all wear natural glam lashes, and this summer will be no different. You may even see them ditch the lashes for mascara!


Yes, it is THAT minimal! Now if you are a girl like me, you love your lashes! So regardless of trend, I’ll be wearing lashes! Lol I wanted to share some styles that would go perfect with this aesthetic if you want the option to spruce it up a bit.

If you prefer to wear your natural lashes, just skip this post!


  1. Princess - Our most minimal lashes.
  2. Dame - Our most undetectable lashes, they literally look like your lashes but better!
  3. Madam - Our most unique natural lashes


Of course, you can always opt for whatever style is your version of natural to execute this aesthetic without a hitch!

If you didn't see a style you liked, check the other styles we offer here


Your favourite lash CEO,

Lady N

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