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Hey Girl Hey,


Its been awhile since we blogged so we figured we might as well come back with something that you've been missing! Why not make sure our ladies are ready to keep it cute this summer! Summer Beauty Essentials!

Lets get right into it!

1. Complexion- We always want to make sure we are our best self. How do we do that? We even out our complexion! Depending on what your skincare needs are, you can use a BB or CC Cream or Foundation of your choice! And if you really want a glow, add an illuminator to your primer or foundation, to add an extra umph! 

2. Eyes- A lot of times, we don't want to do too much in the summer, so keep it simple! One shadow looks, are a our best friend during the hot months. A pair of good lashes, and if you are wearing sunglasses, you can opt out and just wear just mascara. If you want our lash recommendations, click here.

3. Lips- Again in keeping it cute and simple, we use A LOT of lipgloss! lol We like our lashes long and our lips glossy! With the outings, the constant eating and drinking, lipglosses are easy to touch up frequently, as opposed to lipstick. But if we do choose a lipstick, choose a cream or matte finish, so its super easy to touch up throughout the day!


We hope those tips where helpful to simplifying your makeup for summer time fine!

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